Command line options#

General syntax:

autosuspend [options] daemon|presuspend [subcommand options]

General options#

-h, --help#

Displays an online help.

-c FILE, --config FILE#

Specifies an alternate config file to use instead of the default on at /etc/autosuspend.conf.

-l FILE, --logging FILE#

Configure the logging system with the provided logging file. This file needs to follow the conventions for Python logging files.


Configure full debug logging in the command line. Mutually exclusive to autosuspend -l.

Subcommand daemon#

Starts the continuously running daemon.

-a, --allchecks#

Usually, autosuspend stops checks in each iteration as soon as the first matching check indicates system activity. If this flag is set, all subsequent checks are still executed. Useful mostly for debugging purposes.

-r SECONDS, --runfor SECONDS#

If specified, do not run endlessly. Instead, operate only for the specified amount of seconds, then exit. Useful mostly for debugging purposes.

Subcommand presuspend#

Should be called by the system before suspending.

No options