Installation instructions

autosuspend is designed for Python 3 and does not work with Python 2.


Additionally, the some checks need the following dependencies to function properly:

Please refer to Available checks for further details on these checks in which check requires which optional dependency.

Binary packages

Debian (testing)

Installation from official package sources:

apt-get install autosuspend

Archlinux (AUR)

autosuspend is available as an Archlinux AUR package.

Installation via pacaur:

pacaur -S autosuspend

Other distributions

In case you want to generate a package for a different Linux distribution, I’d be glad to hear about that.

From-source installation

autosuspend provides a usual file for installation using common setuptools methods. Briefly, the following steps are necessary to install autosuspend:

git clone
cd autosuspend
python3 install # with desired options

To build the documentation, the following command can be used:

python3 build_sphinx